Frequently Asked Questions

Girls: Pre-dance, Ballet I, Ballet II: Pink full-footed tights and pink ballet slippers are mandatory, with pink leotard.  Hair must be off the face and in a bun.  Those with short hair must wear a headband and/or pin hair back off face. NO LOOSE HAIR OR JEWELRY.

Girls: Ballet III, Ballet IV, Ballet V: All above applies except any solid color leotard may be worn at this level.

Boys: White T-Shirt and ankle-length white socks with black tights or bike shorts are required with black ballet shoes.

Girls gymnastics:  Leotard, tightly fitting shorts are permitted.  Hair must be pulled back away from face.

Boys gymnastics:  Shorts, fitted T-Shirt or tank top.

The traditional uniform of a classical ballet class is an integral part of dance training.  The tights and leotards for the girls or bike shorts and T-shirts for the boys allow the student to move with maximum freedom.  This also allows the teacher to fully view all the students’ bodies – a necessity for accurate correction and careful monitoring of the students’ placement.

Classical ballet technique and its vocabulary have been established for hundreds of years and, as such, the traditions of classical ballet are very solid.  These traditions extend not only to movement, but to the discipline and etiquette of class work as well.  A good ballet class by nature must command the respect for the instructor and for the art.  This implies such courtesies as not slouching at the barre while the instructor sets a combination, not speaking out of turn, beginning and ending a classroom exercise in a sustained and poised position of readiness. and curtsying or bowing to the instructor at the end of class.  Attention to these disciplines carries over and adds clarity and precision to a student’s class work.

Parents are invited to attend observation weeks (see calendar for dates).  The addition of a “Performance” atmosphere, while inspiring to some children, can prove intimidating and distracting to others and we must strive to maintain an atmosphere that is conducive to learning.

While it is possible for exceptional children to skip a grade in academic study, the proper physical and emotional development of a young dancer does not allow skipping a prescribed sequence of training.  Students who have fully mastered the technical requirements will progress to the next level.  All children progress at different rates and it should not be considered a punishment if a student is asked to repeat a level, this is common.  These decisions are made to protect the student from injury and undue frustration.

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