– To watch a dance is to hear a heart speak –

Stage Experience

UDDT offers one of the most invaluable aspects of training; stage experience.  Performing before a live audience teaches stage decorum and instills confidence.  It offers students a fun and positive learning experience as they work together toward a common goal.


UDDT offers an annual spring performance at the beginning of June.

  • Participation is not mandatory, but it is strongly encouraged.  If your child will not be participating in performances, you must let the director know in writing by November 1st, otherwise you will be charged for costume/s ordered.
  • For each class in which your child participates, a $30 costume deposit is due on November 1st, a second costume deposit of $30 is due on December 1st, with the balance due February 1st.  A production fee of $30 per student (covers cost of finale’ shirts) is also due February 1st.  Every effort is made to keep costume costs as low as possible.
  • Other production costs include: ticket cost for shows, annual recital pictures (optional), production DVD (optional).