Policies & Requirements


Students must wear proper attire and follow the dress code for all classes.  Having clear lines assists instructor in seeing students’ dance movement and correcting bad habits.  Some attire available at Upstage Downtown Dance Theatre.


UDDT is not responsible for student injury or sickness during or after the class at the studio.

Be Polite & Respectful

We expect all students to be polite and respect each other.  Students need to respect all teachers and parents in the school.  Everyone please throw their trash in proper receptacles.  Please treat our facility like the special place that it is.


There is an annual $25 registration fee per student.  Fee reserves students place in class and is nonrefundable if child drops class.  A $60 nonrefundable fee is due with a family of 3 or more children. (This fee is in addition to tuition.)


All students are expected to attend assigned classes.  Ballet III, IV, and V students should arrive 10 minutes before class to start warming up their body and muscles to help prevent injury.  Attendance will be taken at each class.  Please call the school if you are going to be late for class.


No refunds or credits are given for missed classes.  Students or Parents need to notify UDDT by calling 419-584-1351 if child cannot attend class/es.  Make-up classes are available, please check with instructor for class times.


It is our desire to keep you informed and reminded of important information via email notification. Please take time to check your emails and read flyers or notices posted on our UDDT Bulletin Board, located at the entrance hallway. Follow us on Facebook.

Placement Class

All new students 9 years and up with previous dance training must take a placement class to determine the appropriate class level.  The Artistic Director will make the final decision on placement and level.

Advanced gymnasts (levels 2 & 3) will be admitted to class through a skills evaluation by the gymnastics director.


Parents are invited to attend observation weeks. The addition of a “Performance” atmosphere, while inspiring to some children, can prove intimidating and distracting to others. The aim is to maintain an atmosphere that is conducive to learning; therefore, except for observation weeks, there are waiting areas for parents during regularly scheduled classes.

Private Lessons

UDDT offers private lessons for $75 an hour.  A thirty minute lesson is $40.  Interested parties should contact director.

Annual Spring Performance

Stage experience is beneficial for students of all ages. Performing helps to build self-esteem and confidence. It offers students a fun and positive learning experience as they work together toward a common goal. Participation is not mandatory, but it is strongly encouraged. If your child will not be in the performances, give written notice to the director by November 1, otherwise you will be charged for the costume/s ordered. For each class in which your student participates, a $30 per/costume deposit is due on November 1, 2020, a second per/costume deposit of $30 is due on December 1, 2020, with the balance of costumes due February 1, 2021. Every effort is made to keep costume cost as low as possible. Each costume is approximately $60–$95

Class Promotions

While it is possible for exceptional children to skip a grade in academic study, the proper physical and emotional development of a young dancer does not allow skipping a prescribed sequence of training. Students who have fully mastered the technical requirements will progress to the next level. All students progress at different rates, and it should not be considered negative if a student is asked to repeat a level. These decisions are made to protect the student from injury and unnecessary frustration. Dance is an accumulative art. There are no shortcuts.

Classroom Etiquette

Class technique and its vocabulary have been established for hundreds of years and, as such, the traditions are very solid. These traditions extend not only to movement, but to discipline and etiquette as well. A good class by nature must command the respect for the instructor and the art. This implies such courtesies as listening while the instructor speaks, not speaking out of turn, beginning and ending a classroom exercise in a position of readiness. Attention to these disciplines carries over and adds a clarity and precision to a student’s class work.

Pick-up & Drop-off

UDDT asks that all parents have a safe/planned pick up routine with child.  When you drop off your child please make sure that she/he enters the building.

Snow or Inclement Weather

Check our Facebook page for cancellations or call the studio.  If classes are being held it is up to each individual family to make the decision whether to attend.